eLipse 防漏防滑學習碗 (1套2碗) (黃色) 8oz - Ultimate weaning spill-proof bowl (Yellow) 4months+ (stage 1)


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eLipse 防漏防滑學習碗 (1套2碗) (黃色) 8oz 8-885015-001066 (EK082-YE)

- 8oz碗連蓋2套加防滑邊, 防止小朋友吃飯時打翻 - 防漏邊設計使食物不容易弄到枱上 - 有蓋設計可方便帶出外使用 - 1 套2碗連蓋, 方便出外帶小吃也可 - 適合4個月以上BB學習自行進食時使用 This ultimate weaning spill-proof bowl fit for 4 months or above kids to use. It is BPA & BPS free. With the silicone skidless base design, it won't easily fall down on the table and let the kids learn to feed himself/herself. http://www.elipsekids.com/im/Elipse_04142016.mp4