We the Hashy Group have interacted with children by planning, designing and producing toys for 90 years. What role do toys play in children’s lives? That is the only question we asked as we continued on making toys. At times, toys are teachers that educate children. At times, toys are a friend. At times, toys comfort children like a parent. And at times, toys lose their meaning to a child ass he or she grows up, and turns to trash. But even as adults, we all have toys that we still remember in our hearts. Toys may not be a life necessity. However, There is no question that toys are one of the many things that play a crucial role in our lives. Because we believe this we want to continue bringing out as many toys as possible into the world. Children, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. Toys have a power to make them all smile. We believe in the power of toys, the power to make everyone around the world smile.