Miffy 吸管杯 (黃色) / Miffy straw cup Mepal Mio 300 ml (Yellow)

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瓶子用衛生蓋封閉,100% 防漏。只需將蓋子翻過來,吸管就會出現!很簡單,即使是小孩子也可以自己做。
這款杯子適合 9 個月及以上的兒童使用,可促進口腔肌肉的健康發育。杯子很容易拆卸,當然也可以敲一兩下。
吸管杯完全不含 BPA,使用後可在洗碗機中清洗。

This straw cup with a Miffy Explore motif is just the thing.
The bottle closes with a hygienic cover and is 100% leakproof.
Just flip the cover over, and the straw appears! Simple enough for even little children to do themselves.

The cup is suitable for children aged 9 months and up and promotes the healthy development of their mouth muscles.
The cup is simple to dismantle and, of course, it can also take a knock or two. The straw cup is completely BPA-free
and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.
聚丙烯 (PP)、矽膠
長度 80 毫米/3.1 英寸 寬度 80 毫米/3.1 英寸 高度 198 毫米/7.8 英寸 重量 120 克/4.2